Germany: Würzburg and Berlin

My first trip last Thursday, in hopefully a long series of trips, already went bust. Due to heavy delays caused by wind and lightning strikes I missed my connection, first in Düsseldorf, and later in Frankfurt Hbf. So I ended up sharing a cab in Frankfurt with more stranded people to go to Würzburg, payed for by Deutsche Bahn. In the end the delay was only 2 hours and 15 minutes and I made it to Mags! 🙂

At Köln Hbf there was a funny advertisement for a holiday to Vietnam, for some reason exactly the same places we went last year for Hackerbeach, only now with expensive hotels instead of relatively cheap hostels and apartments we had. But for some reason my flight last year was already almost the same price 😮

The Germans are really fond of their Christmas markets and Glühwein. The whole market place packed with people sipping the stuff from “rental” mugs and eating the traditional roasted sugared almonds (Mandeln) and chestnuts (Maronen). Oh and of course the sausage, see the “charming” picture 😛sausage

Unfortunately, on Saturday evening the market was already closed around 21:30 so we had to go for cocktails instead, and getting Glühwein had to wait till Sunday. The children’s fruit punch I got on Friday apparently didn’t count 🙂mags

My Airbnb reservation for a place in Berlin I already made several weeks ago got canceled late last week. So I had to look for a new place on short notice. Luckily I found one very close to Kotti 🙂

After dropping my bag and connecting to the wireless network the plan was to go for a burger with bkero, but unfortunately the burger place was closed till 5pm and we were a bit early. We ended up at a cool Canadian Pizza place. I hope we didn’t get moose meat on the pizza, they are *way* too sweet to be eaten!

Today I’m going to enjoy more of the German bread, maybe go climbing or go the Jewish museum. I may also delay that for a bit and just relax in the nice apartment instead 🙂 Tonight I’ll go to a discussion with Evgeny Morozov about the “smart new world” and the impact of technology on and the appification of everything in society in Freitag-Salon. More on this later.


End of an era: leaving my job, and what is next

Last Friday was the last day at SURFnet. I worked there for over 4 years. I had a great time, learned a lot and met a lot of interesting and nice people. Most important: the colleagues were amazing! I’m really gonna miss them badly. It doesn’t quite register yet, seems too strange to be true. However, judging from other people who left SURFnet it seems you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. So it probably won’t be the last time I set foot in the building 🙂


As for my plans now, I’ll be visiting a friend in Germany later this week for relaxing a bit and then travel on to my favorite city, Berlin, after the weekend for more relaxing, probably meet some people involved with the Unhosted project, and visit some of the museums I didn’t get around to visiting my previous times in Berlin. Also if it is not too cold I’ll go running at Tempelhof airport again, amazing place! Oh, and of course try to go to Freitag Salon with Evgeny Morozov.

After that, when Christmas and New Years are over, my plan is to go to Hackerbeach, Kenia in January to both relax in the sun and sea before looking into and to see what can be done in combination with the awesome WakaWaka solar panel my colleagues got me when I left SURFnet, in addition to the notebook sleeve so I will remember them. Awesome:


I may also start working again on some Unhosted projects like remoteStorage and SocketHub to save the world from the evil big data collectors 🙂

As for my next job. I already have some ideas, but I really want to go travel first and see (part of) the world. Currently my plan is to go to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and maybe China. I’ll probably save Canada and Russia for later. But, the plans are fluid. Anything is possible and everything can change 🙂

This is the first post in what I hope a regular log of my travels and activities. Feel free to suggest places that require visiting and things to see 🙂