Easy MIDlet Suite construction

This post is a follow up on my previous post.

I wrote a (Bash) script that can be used to create a complete project directory including an Ant build file for MIDlet Suite construction and download the required libraries automagically.

It uses only free software like Java (OpenJDK), ProGuard, Ant, the MicroEmulator mobile library files and a custom Ant task (sources) to help with deploying the MIDlet Suite (including signing it). The custom Ant task includes a “jad” Ant task and a “sign” task. The “sign” task is based on the wtksign source code from the Antenna project but is modified to work together with my “jad” task.

The MIDlet Suite Creator can be downloaded here.

It is easy to use:

$ sh create_midlet_suite.sh
Enter project name [MyProject]:
Enter project description [My MIDlet Suite]:
Enter project version [1.0.0]:
Enter target project location [/../../../MyProject]:
Enter MIDlet Suite vendor [MIDlet Suite Vendor]:
Enter MIDlet [1] Name [MyMIDlet]:
Enter MIDlet [1] Package []:
Enter MIDlet Suite Configuration [CLDC-1.1]:
Enter MIDlet Suite Profile [MIDP-2.0]:
Would you like to download the required libraries now [y|n]? y

Downloading required libraries…

See the included README file for more information.


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