Bluetooth, Java and Linux

For my thesis I’m having serious problems with the Nokia NFCIP functionality so I was looking to get the communication working over Bluetooth. The basic requirements are simple, make it possible to send and receive byte arrays of (in principle) unlimited size.

I’m programming the phone and the host application (running on a normal PC with Linux) in Java (see JSR-82), so I was looking for a Bluetooth Java stack that works with Linux’ Bluetooth stack (BlueZ).

I found the Bluecove project which supports a number of Bluetooth stacks as backend. The project is free software and cross platform so perfect for this project.

It’s however a bit tricky to get this to work as it needs to build some “native” code for the system you want to use it on. After some playing around I managed to get it to compile from source as I didn’t want to use the pre compiled binaries.

It got a bit out of hand and decided to create an RPM package for it as it will be more useful for other people as well. Preliminary discussion about it here and an early version of the SPEC file and the source RPM package.

The Fedora package review request can be found here.


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